Quick Writing Exercise

This idea comes from Pete Mitchell’s twitter:

“the idea is to use a random word generator to get a list of 10 words (in batches of 5, picking the best one from each batch). then I write to connect the words…”

I found a random word generator that lets you set a few variables, including how many words to return. Per Pete’s directions, set it to 5, pick your favorite word from the batch, and repeat the process 10 times. Then write to connect your words.

Here’s an example from one of my attempts:

under sail
can you estimate our arrival time

careen through the maze
a reckless ant
working under contract

what species of wolf
wouldn’t shiver
at my approach

*Bonus: Here’s an additional random word generator, recommended by Pete. It has some slightly different options than the one linked above, so be sure to check out both!