Poem Writing Game

I learned this game from my friend Darcy. Basically, you write out a set of 10 constraints and give yourself 2 min to respond to each – write them out, toss them in a pile, draw one at random, start the timer, write, repeat.

Just like the songwriting game, the goal is to get yourself out of your head. You can use this as a warm-up, or, if you like what you come up with, shape it up into a proper poem.

I’ve loaded this up to generate a set of constraints from the ones I’ve used over the past few months. Every time you refresh the page you should see a different combination. Feel free to use these or create your own!


  1. describe the texture of a color
  2. use an animal, an element (earth, wind fire, etc), & an -ing verb in a 10syl line
  3. describe the taste of a shape
  4. use an element (earth, wind fire, etc), an -ing verb and a room of the house
  5. use a color, an animal, and an -ing verb
  6. use parenthesis
  7. use a plant, a shape and a #
  8. describe the texture of an emotion
  9. describe a chore using textures
  10. use a color, a shapre, and an -ing verb

I’d love to hear what you come up with – either ideas for constraints or what you create. Drop me a line or comment here to share!